BODY POSITIVITY: featuring Emily Madden

We have now made it to the last HONU Collection Body Positivity Blog!

This last blog is featuring yours truly, ME! Emily Madden! I am the owner of Thready Or Knot.

At first I wasn’t going to actually write one of these for myself but then when I thought about it that didn’t really seem to make much sense. If I wanted to be about body positivity I had to fully BE ABOUT IT!

So, now for me!

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HI there!

My Name is Emily! I am the owner of Thready Or Knot and a yoga instructor. I love running and doing just about anything outside. I have a passion for helping people and doing humanitarian work.

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Why is body positivity important to ME.

I think that when you are the most secure inside yourself you have more time and brain power that you can use doing something else! And I mean LITERALLY anything other than fretting over how I look. I also believe that when you understand how to embrace yourself for who you are and how you look then you can start to help others to do the same for themselves. Cheer each other on for what makes us all unique!!

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What part of my body is easiest for ME to love.

When I take a moment to sit down and think about what I love about myself the list is actually shockingly long and honestly I am so proud of myself in this moment. I have struggled and still do struggle with seeing past the worlds beauty standards for myself. I hate the comparison game so much! I love my freckles, my booty, my strong thighs, my smile, laugh, and joyful spirit.

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Who inspires me to be more body positive.

LIZZO FOR DAMN SURE! The other day she did an interview talking about how she isn’t courageous for loving herself. You don’t need to be brave to embrace yourself as is.

I am also so so inspired by my friends. I am so thankful for them because when I am having a bad day and choose to beat myself up and say hurtful things to myself they call me out and then they tell me the truths about myself. I have a friend that when she catches me saying something unkind about myself she will instantly make me say 3 compliments about myself. At first is was so hard for me to compliment myself which made me sad. It is now become a habit to realize when I am being mean to myself and change my attitude.

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Define Body Positivity:

Body Positivity is about loving yourself completely. Flaws and all. Knowing that you are YOU and that is a blessing in itself. I get to be Emily Madden. AND you get to be YOU. How beautiful is that!

I am not an expert on body positivity but I am choosing to work on loving myself more and more everyday. It doesn’t matter if I gain 14 pounds or work out enough to have a six pack. Either way I am still worthy of love and have the right to take up space on this planet and SO DO YOU.

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I am so thankful for all the women who were a part of this Body Positivity photoshoot and blog. They showed my that there really are women out there willing to cheer you on. I am truly blessed by all of the people I have in my life rooting for me! If you feel like you don’t have anyone please reach out to me! You are not alone.

Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed this blog series and maybe it inspired you a little bit!

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Emily Madden