BODY POSITIVITY: featuring Kelly Lisenbee

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Hey Beautiful Kelly! Tell us about YOU!

“This question is always so hard, haha. If you speak about yourself with ease, people confuse that for big ego...if you have hard time, they assume you lack confidence. To describe yourself is to walk a fine line for a woman so I'll say I'm a mom and a wife but i'm also an ally and (re)sister. I would like to leave any place, situation or relationship in better shape than I found it.”

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Why is body positivity important to you?

“Body positivity encompasses so much. It extends to you, your significant other, your children, etc. Think of something you love and treasure: you treat it well, you take care it, you respect it. If you feel good about your body, you're more likely to take care of it. You'll find it easier to extend that love and respect to others and have it returned to you. BO-PO doesn't mean feeding your body kale and hiking 5 miles a day, it does mean knowing when to rest, getting your water in, finding a physical activity you love and doing it. It also mean ending and avoiding relationships that don't honor your body.”

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What part of your body is easiest for YOU to love?

“It's taken a lot of work but I wouldn't pick just one part. This whole body allows me to do everything I want to do. Since losing over 250 pounds, I could say that I'm embarrassed of my arms or my thighs but I'm not. I fought hard for this body and I'm proud of the work I've done, not just physically but also mentally to be able to say that I love and respect this "flawed" body so I'll continue improving, learning, working hard for it.”

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Who inspires you to be more body positive?

“There are so many incredible people who really live out this philosophy of loving who you are no matter what, a few that come to mind are Tess Holliday, Johnathan Van Ness, Serena Williams, LIZZO. Gosh, Lizzo is so good. Locally, there are ladies who refuse to dumb themselves down, overly dress themselves up or conform to what society thinks they should be to fit into the political boys' club like State Senator Julia Kirt, State Senator Carri Hicks, Represenative Emily Virgin, County Commissioner Carrie Blummert all who are incredibly inspiring and motivating leaders who give the women of Oklahoma a great model to look up for encouragement.”

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How do you define Body Positivity?

“Body positivity, to me, is the realization that there is no perfect body. I don't have to fit in an unachievable mold created by society to feel good about who I am or what I look like.Every body is worthy of respect and love. On that note, body positivity starts with self. Without respecting yourself and loving you, its not possible to genuinely share that kind of respect and love with anyone else. You gotta be good with you first.”

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“We talk a lot of physical health and mental health but I also think as women we have to remember to teach our younger generation about the power of sexual health. Loving yourself enough to be smart about who your partners are, birth control, emotional boundaries in relationships etc. is so important. I could go on for days. There is also a lot to be said for applauding other women without doubting or comparing your own worth. There’s much to be said about fixing another lady’s crown if no other reason than not wanting to see her be down on her gorgeous self. There’s a massive competition culture for women and we don’t have to do that anymore. There is room for any and every one and I think so much of that culture is born of poor self esteem. So it goes back to feeling good enough about yourself that you’re able to lift up others and not spend your time tearing them down so you can try to feel good. I honestly don’t think for most women it comes from a terrible place. I think it comes from not having body positivity modeled in their life as young ladies. They don’t know what it looks like so it’s our job to show it.”

If you don’t know Kelly then you are truly missing something special in your life. She is one of the most genuine people I know. She is listen to you cry about your problems and the encourage you to the hundredth degree. Give her a follow on social media RIGHT NOW!

Thank you Kelly for being a part of this photoshoot! I love you!

HUGE thank you to all the readers! I hope you are feeling encouraged!

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