BODY POSITIVITY: featuring Stevie Clark



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HIIII STEVIE! Tell us about YOU!

“Hi! I’m stevie, I’m a student at UCO majoring in sociology, bartender, human married to another human, the obnoxious feminist friend, permanent dog sitter for my rescue Dany & a nurse for my epileptic cat Luna. I also cohost We Women podcast with my best friend Ruby (read her blog entry here) & get to immerse myself in a culture of Lady Love 24/7!”

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SO, why is body positivity important to you?

“It’s important to me because I think of myself as a young girl and all the young girls around me who were always focused on trying to change something about themselves instead of living and loving their lives, I think of all the things I missed out on or didn’t enjoy because I was self conscious about my body. THATS NO WAY TO LIVE! So I’ve decided loving myself is the best way to convince others to love themselves too so we can all enjoy life a little more.”

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What is the easiest part of your body for you to love?

“My face :) I also love my legs and my feet now that I have this cool toe ring. (no complaints about my booty either)”

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Who inspires you to be more body positive?

Lizzo for sure!! And Ruby too, that bitch is always feeling herself and that confidence rubs off on you!”


How do you define body positivity?

“Body positivity is loving your body in any stage. It’s about learning to appreciate the amazing things our bodies do, how they carry us through life and respecting that by taking care of your body (whatever that looks like for you) & rejoicing in it.”

I am #BLESSED because I get to have Stevie in my life.

Thanks so much for reading!

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