Hi! I'm Emily Madden, aka EMZZMADZZZ.

I am the creator, founder, owner, operator, coffee and copy gal, as well as the janitor of Thready Or Knot. 

One day, when I was nineteen, I had a "beginning of life crisis". I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life but i did know that college was not the path for me. I felt very alone because all my friends had moved off to college and, to me, looked like they were starting to figure out what life had in store for them. I was crying to my sweet neighbor about this one night when she out of the blue told me she was taking a class at the local vocational technology school for upholstery. I was only a wee little girl back then and didn't even know what upholstery was at the time. She explained to me what upholstery was and asked me if i would like to join her for class two nights a week and afterward we would go to Chili's to share some chips and salsa. Of course I said YES. Mostly for the chips and salsa though am I right?!

I purchased my very first project chair off of craigslist, bought some pretty pricey (but totally GORG) fabric from Fabric Factory, got a pretty sweet set of tools, and showed up to my first class. The next 16 weeks I experienced a roller coaster of emotions. Some nights I would come home so excited about what I had learned and some nights I would cry myself to sleep with worry over if I had totally messed up or not.

I began to document my journey on social media and it lit up. All kinds of people were messaging me photos of projects they wanted me to do! It was so exciting. Somehow, by the grace of God, Thready Or Knot was born and 4 years later Thready has grown and become more than I could have ever imagined.

I not only do upholstery but I now offer other cool things too. The newest creation is Pouches With Purpose. Everyone from local artists to orphaned kids in El Salvador has helped me with this project. We collaborate by painting a big canvas together, then Thready makes pouches out of it, and 20% of every purchase goes to a charitable cause. HOW COOL RIGHT?!

My dream for Thready Or Knot is to change the world one pretty thing at a time.

Thank you for reading, purchasing, collaborating, supporting, and being an awesome human.